San Francisco transplant and 2008 MAC award nominee for Outstanding Jazz Vocalist, Mychelle Collearys first public performance was at the age of 10 at a dive Bar in Manchester England.... This either explains a lot, or absolutely nothing.

An accomplished musician and performer, Mychelle is unpretentious, irreverent, and often funny, with a quirky honesty that is effervescently entertaining... she playfully challenges the audiences to listen deeply - blurring musical genres and crafting her own jazz style with arrangements that are invitingly familiar and yet unexpectedly daring.

SF Bay area Audiences have heard her perform folk rock at the Fillmore, Turkish Sufi music at the Place of fine Arts, jazz at the Plush Room and Bach with the San Jose Symphony.

As a teenager, Mychelle performed as the youngest member of the Columbia Vocal Jazz Ensemble (when the average age at that time was mid-thirties). Association with this group facilitated Mychelle sharing the stage, on numerous occasions, with such jazz greats as  Bobby Shew,  Richie Cole,  Claire Fisher,   Carl Anderson and  Bobby McFerrin.

Bobby McFerrin recommended and introduced Mychelle to Laurie Antonioli with whom she privately studied vocal jazz for three years while also studying classical voice and composition at University.

Arriving in NYC just a few years ago, Mychelle has garnered critical as well popular acclaim. In 2003 she was nominated by MAC (Manhattan Association of Clubs) for outstanding Female debut; in 2004 (and again in 2007 & 2008) she was nominated for Outstanding JAZZ VOCALIST.

Her discography includes "Anagesic" - all original material, "After Hours at the Plush Room" - standards, and as soon as Mychelle can get all the folks she wants on her next recording in town at the same time... There will be a new jazz offering! Stay Tuned...